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 Am I Weird or Am I Normal?

I want to dust off the sadness I’m filled with and sew all the cracks in my heart and brim this organ with happiness and


“I have to go, Inayat. I can’t back off when they need me the most. I promised that I’ll be there with them through thick

Who to Blame?

She hadn’t been taking his calls which agitated him off limits. He had been asking everybody about her but to no avail. After hours of

We Do Exist

You think it’s a game. Don’t you?   Damn, I lost my sister to what you think is just a game!   Ten years ago,

Letter to my Future Husband

Dear future husband,   I’ve been trying to write to you for quite some time now, but couldn’t put anything on paper except for those

Fallacious love

Remember, the place where I sowed the seeds of affectionate words that you offered?   Remember, how I said that the sprouting seeds would soon


“Would I be able to build a successful career in the field of writing?”   This question, like a burning pyre, had been consuming every

Miss Philophobic

“Listen, there actually exists a word that describes your condition!” exclaimed Tanya, my friend.   “My condition?” I was surprised.   “Yes. The fear that

Twenty One

“You’ll be turning 21 tomorrow. What is it that you want on your birthday?” my brother asked.   Twenty-one? Two, one, twenty-one?   It was


14th April, 2015 4:30 P.M. Dear Diary   Happiness has embraced our locality once again for the clouds are setting their euphoric beads of water