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 Am I Weird or Am I Normal?

I want to dust off the sadness I’m filled with and sew all the cracks in my heart and brim this organ with happiness and enjoy life to bits. But I also want to safeguard that sadness and decorate it with glitters and ribbons and paintings and poems.   I want to put my insecurities to sleep and hang onto every ounce of courage to explore the unexplored and name


“I have to go, Inayat. I can’t back off when they need me the most. I promised that I’ll be there with them through thick and thin, and promises aren’t meant to be broken,” Aman tries persuading.   “I know! All I’m asking for is just a day so that we can celebrate our anniversary together,” she pleads with tears floating in her eyes.   “Next year, we will. I

Who to Blame?

She hadn’t been taking his calls which agitated him off limits. He had been asking everybody about her but to no avail. After hours of search, he finally found her.   “Ah! Here you are, striving to keep out of sight the odious crime you tried committing! Great. How was your experience, by the way? Painful? Oh, no, no! You would’ve done it for pure pleasure, right? Slitting wrists is

We Do Exist

You think it’s a game. Don’t you?   Damn, I lost my sister to what you think is just a game!   Ten years ago, when I was 11 or so, she thought of goofing around with the ouija board. I had always been on the fence regarding whether spirits existed, but she was sure they didn’t. And to make me believe the same, she brought home an ouija board

Letter to my Future Husband

Dear future husband,   I’ve been trying to write to you for quite some time now, but couldn’t put anything on paper except for those meaningless doodles.   Well, that’s because every time I think of you, swarms of butterflies start flapping their wings of love in my stomach, making me wonder if I do the same to you.   Anyhow, I have a lot to confess.   The thing

Fallacious love

Remember, the place where I sowed the seeds of affectionate words that you offered?   Remember, how I said that the sprouting seeds would soon bear the exceptional fruit of our magical happy ending?   Alas! At that moment, little did I know that your love for me was the result of the bet you’ve had with your friends.   You sure did win the bet, but you failed me,


“Would I be able to build a successful career in the field of writing?”   This question, like a burning pyre, had been consuming every bit of Amyra’s soul when her faintly amused gaze shifted towards a butterfly hovering around outside her window.   She found the exuberant beauty quite mesmerising. Clad in varying hues, it appeared to be dancing to the tunes of the blowing wind. That vibrant being

Miss Philophobic

“Listen, there actually exists a word that describes your condition!” exclaimed Tanya, my friend.   “My condition?” I was surprised.   “Yes. The fear that you have of falling in love is called Philophobia,” she stated, bubbling with excitement on having learnt a new term.   But she sure was mistaken for I do fall in love. In fact, a bit too much.   I fall in love with the

Twenty One

“You’ll be turning 21 tomorrow. What is it that you want on your birthday?” my brother asked.   Twenty-one? Two, one, twenty-one?   It was strange how I had known this fact for months, yet it hit me hard like raindrops on a thunderous, shelterless night, making me feel empty, absolutely empty, yet full of emotions… Emotions that seemed to have been bottled up for too long; emotions that desperately


14th April, 2015 4:30 P.M. Dear Diary   Happiness has embraced our locality once again for the clouds are setting their euphoric beads of water free. However, the evocative scent of rain hasn’t yet tickled my nose. As a child, I had a strong urge to taste this divine fragrance and even ate lumps of rain-wet soil, obviously, to no avail! But today, I desire not the petrichor but a

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