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Dear, I’m not the same as I used to be I thought stars and comets were entities meant solely for the distant sky Until one day when I actually opened

Amidst the Scars

Sitting beside the safe space of an open fire, I put up the question that nobody dared to ask her, ‘Why are you afraid of the shining diskette?’   She

Things to Be Done Today

Staple together the pile of course books in your room so that the chapters won’t come spilling out and create a mess in your head. Else you will have to


Near a window sill, look there’s a girl standing, Lost in her thoughts, staring out in bewilderment, As the illumination makes its way through the lit canvas, See she is


August is a seasonal jiff of repentance, Of found and lost memories, That a withering heat of July would feel. With the consummation of summer vanishing, It distorts the vision


She is like an inanimate mother, of a bizarre changeling She nurses it upon her own arterial blood of heart; deepest crimson that has turned ugliest black While she knows

Shattered Realization

I follow the bright light, that had been enticing me. I see the white room, glistening it is; In a corner, there’s a boy: the kind that reminds me of

How Do You Define Addiction?

You may begin, “Well, that’s like having a cigarette and just when I’m about to finish it, I have the urge of taking another one.”   It’s alright. But you

A Divine Intervention

It was another lazy and mundane afternoon for me as I adjusted my earplugs and increased the volume of the song. Skillet’s ‘Awake and Alive’ beats were taking the better

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