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You hit me with your hateful glares. Your eyes always ask me why.   “Why did you do this to me?”   “Why did you break everything we had?”  

A Cruel Grandfather

“Anshu, no! You have to do it on your own. You have to drink your own poisons and eat your own slices of cake. And you have to create them

Dark Games

In a dark room of shadows, There is so much to see So much to hide and so much to seek If you just see, it is void and black

A World Where Things Were Once Perfect

“Do you believe in parallel universes?” Roger asked Maya.   “I do not think so, Sir. We have been trying to prove this mere belief of yours for since thirty

A Hollow Heart

There is something, something surreal that pollutes the aura around her. She can’t quite put her finger on it. As she lays down and stares at the ceiling fan, she


As you lie down Over the smooth green grass That lightly tickles your waist, Counting stars And brooding over the largely dissatisfying day; And the goals unachieved. About the meeting

Old Wounds

Sleep had eluded him yet again. The sheets were drenched with sweat and he kept staring lifelessly at the roof. His body shuddered at irregular intervals as the same dream

The Safe House

RED FOUR 0137 HRS   Red Five was driving the car, while Red Four was riding shotgun. The safe house came into sight, one of many cottages that lined the

Random Heart Spilling Rant

You look at me as I beam with radiant beauty. You think, oh her life is so perfect and happy. Maybe I’m very happy. I try to soak all the

Love: A Short Story

Once upon a time there lived two friends called Love and Trust in a village called Life. They were inseparable. Their relationship was sweeter than sugar, so to say. They