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روٹی (Roti)

“تین روٹی ملے گی؟” گھنے بال اور نیلی آنکھوں والے گورے چٹے بچے نے ہوٹل پر بیٹھے مالک سے سوال کیا۔ بچے کی جگہ جگہ

I Will Fix You

  I am the moment; The moment at the back of your spine Which crawls up inch by inch, And embraces your neckline.   Traces

Broken Wings

They told me That depression hits you In the dark hours of night During the ticking of clock, And hooting of owls; But it hits

Are You Lost There?

You look so beautiful when you are lost. You walk on the road with your hands in your pocket, no set of earphones distracting you,

Of Empty Streets

Far from this bustle, there lies a little town with life, seemingly gone and forbidden. Faint voices, one can hear through the broken walls and

My Love Story

No. It’s impossible.   A romantic story just isn’t possible for me. I shut my laptop a little harder than my faithful friend deserved. No

The Unreturned Favours

“It’s going to get over soon, Rachana. Hurry! Watch your son addressing these foreign students.” Rajiv had an air of satiated excitement in his words


Insecurities – the ones that you hide under the touch of your jeans, the tuck of your hair behind your ear, the suppressed smile.  

The Finale

I didn’t know what was worse, being stuck because of the rains or being stuck in the worst imaginable place! As I sat in my

Queens Don’t Cry

Marren walked out on to the stage, nervous as heck. The heat emitted from the spotlight did nothing but aggravate her anxiety. It was vicious,