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To Live, Or Not To Live

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Asking For It

She looks so delicious in those shorts and the crop top, her milky white skin glistening in the moonlight like that of an angel. Every

Letter to Future Child

Dear future child,   When you’re sixteen, and it’s three in the morning, and you find yourself unable to sleep, tears pooling in your eyes


I am beautiful I am beautiful I am beautiful I chant every morning Trying to believe it, Trying not to give in. Still, an hour

The Girl Who Gave Up

I was reading a book. A collection of short stories to be precise, and the fact that all the stories in that book had a

Letter to an Ex-Lover

Dear Ruhee,   I feel like I owe you an explanation. An explanation for leaving you all of a sudden, for causing the cuts on


The number of female commuters was much more than that of male commuters on the bus. As a result, almost all the seats in the


“How can something so devoid of colours be so beautiful?” I wondered, staring at the white rose.   He used to love white roses, while

The Ode

I’m glad that I’m not a man.   I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to survive in a world where I’m not allowed


She couldn’t protest. She couldn’t protest because the man had his hand over her mouth. She couldn’t protest because she didn’t understand what the man