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Raining Sunshine

I had sent my poems to seven different publications and none of them wanted to give me a chance. I felt all my effort going

Sour Grapes and a Love Story

“What is your favorite fruit?” someone asked her. “Sour grapes,” she replied.   Hers was an unusual story. Harini worked for an NGO in Chennai

The Road to Home

Pari watched him in awe as he was sawing wood and measuring the planks with a scale. He had to make sure that her princess

Usual Order, Please

They lived in House number 6, in Marble avenue since 2011. Shyam and Muskaan had just celebrated their 40th anniversary five months ago. He had

Words Can Help Win Battles

Sikha wearily said, “These folks who preach about no tobacco day and come up with so many posts on social media must be kidding themselves.

Perfectly Alright

She is 34 and not married. He quit his job at 41 to travel. She chose not to have children. He sports a nose ring.

The Great Plains

It was just another normal day. Normal in everyway. Except, I didn’t know that it was the day the truth was going to drop like

The Lunar Muse

To be honest, I’ve never given myself much thought. I live a boring life. There is hardly any color in my everyday affairs. No music


It could just be an overnight bus ride from Trivandrum to Trichy or a train journey from Bangalore to Bellary or a quiet night at

The Letters

The old man sat at his desk. He sipped his ginger tea and stared out of the window. It was a bright and sunny afternoon