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The One With The Counting

Do you remember, The time we spent together During power cuts in childhood With suppressed giggles Under moonlit nights You with your bare, hairless chest And a pair of pyjamas

As Well As I Know You

And then comes the night, Again. After a day too long, Of promises over phone calls And apologies over Text messages. Another day when I didn’t see you, After ten

The Shore, The Waves and The Lover

Shaima caressed my cheek as we watched the waves go back and forth in the sea. Her hand smelled like sand and mint gum, like herself. I turned my face

Love Him Like I Do

I had my eyes set upon you since the day I first saw you. You were one of those popular guys everyone in college had to know – not that

A Brief Encounter with Depression

“Your eyes remind me of home,” she says when she meets depression in a dark alley.   *** Home isn’t warm, fuzzy or familiar. Home doesn’t give me solace. Home

The Army of the Suicidal

“Hey, mum. I am extremely sorry for the irregularity of my letters. It’s been real hard to write with all the stuff going on here, you know. I miss you,


As he ran deeper into the forest with his daughter in his arms, the whole day seemed like a blur in his head. All he could think of was the

If I Were To Date Myself

And sometimes I wonder, if I were to date myself, would I?   ‘Nay!’ is the first thing I can think of.   Is it the quirks, or the foul

A Braveheart’s Archenemy

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