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Google Maps

“Bhaiya, you have to drop me off first,” were the first words which fell on my ears as I got into the Uber which I had booked to return home


To the mound of clay growing into a perfect human sculpture in my womb,   The doctor told me today that I have the power of moulding you in whichever

Thank You

Going through the albums, Rhea saw herself growing up with every turn of the pages of the album. She couldn’t help but compare her current self with her childhood self.

The Postman

I ring the doorbell and wait for the door to open. A woman opens the door and her eyes dance with anticipation at the sight of the letter addressed to

Dust and Smoke

On days like this I feel my memories stir; I feel them move; I feel them look at me, and blink like a person who has just woken up from


People dream of going places, And claim of being driven by wanderlust. But unbeknownst to them, I have travelled more than most. I have seen places That no one has

A Different World

There is a vast expanse of land stretched out in front of me, so vast that my eyes can hardly take in the entire landscape at a time. There is

Let’s Share Silences

Now that we have shared so much with each other, let’s share silences too, shall we?


* One morning *   I do not seem to remember how I happened to land in this place, or maybe I have somehow willingly chosen to forget how I

She Fought for Love

She sat in front of the mirror looking at the dark circles which had newly formed under her eyes. Her reverie was broken by one of her maids bringing in