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Somewhere Down The Lane

The treasures of my cupboard are sprawled around me as I sit cross legged in between them all, rummaging fondly through the old box of black with patterns of bronze. It’s a typical summer afternoon along the coast with the humidity dripping along the tattooed nape of my neck as the chocolate fan tries flirting with my chocolate curls tied up in a messy bun with some of the shorter

And So You’re Back

And so you’re back.   As the spring sun tickles the nape of my neck, you come closer to me and I can feel my heart beating through the layers of chiffon of my floral dress as the hems fluttered teasingly over my knees. There’s something about you that always knocks the breath out my lungs as the winds whisper of your arrival. Every time. Even as I feel your

Broken Nib

And so she wrote, With smudged kohl, And reds licked off her lips; She wrote. As the alcohol gushed Through her veins Making the starless sky A dreamier canvas, The lamp glowed on As her needing pen the engraved the pages; Sometimes in love, Sometimes in hatred, Sometimes in grief, And sometimes, Just. Pouring out emotions Till her body grew numb And her heart cold, She wrapped others In the


Stay, they told me Every relation goes through bad times You can’t just give up And leave, they said. Stay, they told me. As my body was the canvas Of blues and blacks. As my face was hidden Under layers of foundation. Stay, they told me This too shall pass, As he tore my soul apart Whipping my mind, And burning my heart, As I made the slightest mistake. Stay,


I walk through the alleys; Alleys that whisper memories into my ears, Entwining a cold warmth with my heart. It’s funny how these memories work. They fill my emptiness With another vacuum. I don’t know how this works, Do you? These memories That I cradle in all endearment. Except now, I cradle an empty cot With the ghost of memories, Echoing off the walls of my soul. My soul that

A Solitary Star

A barren sky, A solitary star. Thoughts that the space couldn’t contain And feelings the heart couldn’t; The wet grass felt home To the aching back That had hunched over hugged knees Rocking the mind to the calmness yearned, Hiding the unmasked face Of smudged kohl and red eyes Of quivering lips and pale cheeks. Vivid dreams and society’s realities; She didn’t understand why they clashed Why were they contrasts.

Wild Rose

Broken petals; Insomniac nights; Drenched pillows; Full moon painted Black walls with silver Throwing light Upon the cold body Scrunched up on the carpet Hugging its knees   Neon touches And pastel whispers You blended into my life Like the colours of a painting Making a door on my walls To walk right through My great fort. Cold coffee and, Steaming tea We drank toasts of life On simple joys

Limitless Walls

Neon lights. Pastel walls. The walls were the palette of rebellion, They were the canvas of her imagination, Blues, purples, blacks, and silvers, There was a corner that whispered of the night, While another patch yawned in the light, Of yellows and reds, and colours that danced, Danced into the barren lands, Of sands and cracks, Of dust that glittered as if gold, On the pastel walls, her canvas of

You Forget

“You’re the ideal daughter,” they all said.   “You’re the kind of woman a man would come home to,” they all said.   Why do you bond me to my duties?   You forget, My relations don’t define me, I define my relations.   You forget, My dreams, my aspirations I am not a reflection of those, They are my soul.   You forget, Red lipsticks, or bangles They are

I am Light

I’m a string of fairy lights that’ll glow soft along the path . I’m that firework setting the dark night’s canopy ablaze. I’m that flame burning through the silent night full of hopes and dreams. I am light, of all forms and magnitude. Let me shine till my limits and I’ll drive away the dark. Extinguish me and let the light left behind engulf you.

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