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The glare of the bright lights on the stage blinded him for a moment. His heart was in an overdrive and he was afraid that

Faded Memories

What do we usually do when someone who means a lot to us, leaves us?   We don’t usually search for ways to let go.

To Fall In Love

They will tell you to fall in love Not with a person Or with a thing But to fall in love with yourself first.  

Dear distance

Dear distance,   There is so much that you’ve taught me, through the years.   You’ve made me fall in love with people, when I

An open letter to the girl who will love my guy next

Hey,   I don’t think you know me. Or maybe you do if he ever brings me up in his conversations with you. If you


I am not a very focused person, nor self-assured. My thoughts, my imagination tends to run away every day, at every point. I can never

Just Friends?

The overwhelming urge to lay my head on his shoulder is eating me up now, but somehow I will myself not to do it.  

Being Single

Being single is hard; not because you need someone to lean on, someone to love, someone who would love you, but because how much people

An open letter to the teacher who changed my life

It has been years since I left the school that you taught in, but all that you taught stays with me even today