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A Tryst With My Reflection

The mirror was clouded with the steam from the hot shower. I wiped it down with my towel and found my reflection smiling back at me. A delicious shiver ran down my spine as the memory resurfaced. My smile turned into an unexpected giggle as I remembered what had happened that day. I walked up to the full length mirror in my bedroom and stood in front of it. Slowly

The Legend of The Undefeated

“There was a legend in all the lands of a warrior great and fierce. A warrior so awesome that people trembled at his mere mention. Nobody knew his name or the land he had come from. The kingdoms were in awe, for there was none who stood his match. The warrior stood undefeated even after facing challengers from every kingdom. The kings were afraid of his power but they knew

A Walk in the Moonlight

Come take a walk with me in the moonlight. As we trod a path so familiar and yet so eerily strange. Step after step on soft, pliant earth, beyond the mundane concrete streets. Underneath a sky blanketed with stars, let’s walk together. The moon is in all its glory tonight, shining proudly in a full circle. It has stories to tell, but tonight we don’t have time for it, for

Men – Always Willing, Never the Victims

He looked at the marks on his neck. They were almost purplish now, they pained less but they still made him shudder. Bites on his neck, nails dug in his back, impressions of fingers on his wrists. His sex-organ hurt, it was an ugly red color, and his testicles were horrifyingly bluish black. They were physical evidence of what had happened to him. It was true, he admitted to himself.

Love Through a Keyboard

Hey. How was your day? I type swiftly into the message box. He replies quickly. He had a boring day. He couldn’t complete his project yet. He missed me, he tells me. My tired face is lit with a smile. I tell him how I dozed off in class and my teacher caught me, and how embarrassed that made me feel. He makes laughing smileys. I hear my mom scolding

That Pink Dress

He didn’t know what it was called, but the dress was a short one, with flared ends. It was pink, with white flowers on it, flowers that draped around the torso and spiraled up like a garland around her neck. It was beautiful, she was beautiful. And that was his last memory of hers. As she had traipsed around in her new dress, giggling and laughing as she made him

I Killed a Man

I killed a man.   The wall is varying shades of grey, some mossy green splattered in the corners. Somebody tried to desperately scratch through but the concrete wouldn’t give away. They gave up in blood and tears. I look at the wall of my jail cell and I think of what I have done. I have killed a man. I ended a life with dreams and hopes, a life