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We were friends for quite some time and honestly I hated you for a while too. As I type this today, I wonder what changed, Ravin? Yesterday, you asked me,


I am free, that’s what they think. But the thing is I’m pretty good at acting that way. I am from a strict educated conservative household. My parents maintain a

Invisible Lines

You were staring into my eyes and I into yours. I could read everything from that look you were giving me. No words needed to be exchanged. Your eyes glinted

Love Jihad

I stood facing an entire crowd of people. My palms turned sweaty and fear crippled me. I was never much of a public speaker. But today I had no choice.


I am an entrepreneur; I sell things. At a very young age, my whole family perished in a fire; leaving me with quite a bit of money. Being the sole

To Be Loved

Virat had a routine. He woke up at 6 AM, had breakfast, went to work, took a break for lunch at 1, and finally went home at six in the evening.

Hidden Sacrifice

Ahmed was a man born in the pre-Islamic era of the Arabian peninsula. He was not like the other Bedouins for he, was a compassionate man.   Others buried their

Him and Her

~ Him ~   I was walking down the hall, wondering how this new academic year is going to be.   I glanced at the familiar faces, nodded at a