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I, Chicken

I’ve been cramped up inside this small cage for far too long. The steel wires are constantly abrading my feathers, leaving me a little more

Stand up

Sitting on the last bench, he had just cracked a brand new joke that made the kids around him laugh, when his class teacher, noticing


“You see that man? He is Professor Garg, the man who raped his student,” whispered a young student to her friend.

Everything Wrong About Coldplay’s Newest Music Video

Coldplay’s newest video “Hymn For The Weekend” basically proves that you can be a clichephile despite achieving superstar status, worldwide fame, countless fans and a vast amount of money.

The Echo

Hers was a troubled relationship. He abused her, threatened to leave her, tried to intimidate her with physical violence, and forced himself on her every

Search – Final List of Writers

Congratulations to the following people who have made it to The Anonymous Writers team:   Madiha Noman Husna Thaslim Avantika Singhal Cauvery Kesavasamy Kushal Banerjee









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