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I, Chicken

I’ve been cramped up inside this small cage for far too long. The steel wires are constantly abrading my feathers, leaving me a little more naked with each passing minute.

Stand up

Sitting on the last bench, he had just cracked a brand new joke that made the kids around him laugh, when his class teacher, noticing the noise, decided to act.


“You see that man? He is Professor Garg, the man who raped his student,” whispered a young student to her friend.

Everything Wrong About Coldplay’s Newest Music Video

Coldplay’s newest video “Hymn For The Weekend” basically proves that you can be a clichephile despite achieving superstar status, worldwide fame, countless fans and a vast amount of money.

The Echo

Hers was a troubled relationship. He abused her, threatened to leave her, tried to intimidate her with physical violence, and forced himself on her every night.   That’s not how

Search – Final List of Writers

Congratulations to the following people who have made it to The Anonymous Writers team:   Madiha Noman Husna Thaslim Avantika Singhal Cauvery Kesavasamy Kushal Banerjee Ishu Uppal Sudhanva Shetty  









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