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Of Blank Memories and Shooting Stars

The sky is blank today. Like a white page dipped into black ink, waiting for a sprinkle of white paint to make it alive. But, the sky is blank today. It has no stories to tell, no stars to join, no breeze to enjoy. It is as still as a motion picture that has been paused for a while. Not a leaf dares to fall, not an owl dares to hoot.

The Orphan

I sit here in this deserted park on an autumn afternoon, gazing at the leaves that fall from the branches, thinking about what a tree must feel when a leaf falls from its branch and what the leaf must feel when destiny snatches away the shade it has been living under all its life. I wonder how terrible the pain must be for a parent to be parted from a

Journey of the Soul

I’ve been on the verge of crying for too long now The tears have been brimming on the edge of these eyes forever I know how the shattering of dreams sounds I know how the hollow premises of the heart echo When it has been abandoned by its owner I choke halfway through my words Some fall out, the others stay inside Brewing their toxins into my blood I explode

Beauty and Reflections

I lost a couple strands of hair today.   Maa says that my hair will become stronger and shinier with the special oil she massages on my scalp once in every two days. Everyone in the family has loved my mane and the way I look. Dadi always puts a black teeka behind my right ear to keep away all harm from me.   Some of my classmates are beauty

Over the Years

There are bonds that become weak with time and there are those who heal.   August, 1994   “Mummy ji, please don’t protect him when he is wrong. He is just 3 years old. If we don’t instill in him the difference of good and bad from this age, it will pose big problems when he grows up.”   “He is my grandchild, after all. How can I let you

An Evening Of Dance

Darling, can I have this dance? Can I have this dance, not to the piano keys, not on this stage, not before this audience, but to the midnight tunes of darkness and love? I’d take you amidst the woods, where there would be no one but the stars and the moon as our spectators. I’d hold your hand and keep you close. We’d sway to the winds and dance to

A Letter to the Society

Respected Society,   Despite being screwed in a million ways, I expected you to give me one simple thing. Acceptance.   I find myself to be Rizwan from My Name Is Khan, speaking to everyone that yes, I’m a Muslim and no, I’m not a terrorist. I find it hard to survive in the Indian area of the internet because of the hatred that people here have for my religion.

Life Of A Breath

It is always about the priorities, they say. Sometimes its about the emotions that drive you away. It is said, it’s always the bigger things that matter, small things are tucked under them as the latter. The little mistakes here and there that you rue, stick to your past like the strongest glue. It’s about those sinister smiles that never leave your side, from which you can neither run nor


I sit here in this empty hallway, thinking about the memories that are engraved, in a way, here. Memories of you and I, spending quiet moments, appreciating each other’s existence. Memories where I couldn’t take my eyes off you and you stood still, beautiful as always. Whenever I crossed you in this hallway, I couldn’t resist appreciating your grace and beauty. You, in turn, never said a word. But your

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