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Possible Impossibilities

And my love starts feeling like foreign language to you; Which you like listening to But, don’t understand. From being your favourite music tune to the CD that lies on

Certain Uncertainties

You feel like hiding your face in the pillow or sitting in the closet all day, everyday.   You are so vulnerable that you’re always on the verge of crying

Ode to Mi Amor

My love, Crumble yourself, Doubt yourself, Be a better version of yourself. Question everything and Let yourself be open To words and wisdom To criticism and everything else That makes

Letters to Love

Dear love,   Would you still remember my birthday like you remember that of your girl best friends’, if I didn’t take you out shopping just days before my birthday,

Midnight Dilemmas

There was something about her on which I couldn’t really put a finger on that didn’t let me sleep for nights at length. It was the good times that we

The Losing Battle

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The Birthday Gift

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Daunting Lullabies

When some other girl comes in your life, she will find my ghost still lurking in the dark corners of you. She will be the priest who will try to


I open my eyes to the scattered sun rays entering my room through the giant windows. I get up lazily and look around and my gaze falls on the date marked

What Love Is

I don’t know what love is. I guess it is the willingness to spend every hard-earned penny for a glimpse of happiness on the faces of the people you love.

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