The Anonymous Writer Search – 2017 Edition

Writer Search 2017 - Stage 1

  • We started The Anonymous Writer in 2012 as a one-person writing project. Who would have known at that point that a tiny spark would lead to such a massive explosion?

    With close to a million community members across The Anonymous Writer (Flagship) Facebook & Instagram pages, website, The Anonymous Writer Hindi and The Anonymous Writer Urdu Facebook pages, a user-generated topic on Quora, and finally The Anonymous Writer OFFLINE and The Anonymous Writer HANGOUTS (both part of our offline community initiatives), we have probably achieved way more than we thought we were capable of.

    Over 100 people have been part of the team at some point or the other.

    Over 2000 people have been published on our platforms.

    Over 200,000 people have messaged or emailed us at some point in time.

    But what's next?

    YOU are next.

    You have been reading, and probably also writing, for a long time.

    You have seen good literary works languishing in bookstores while stack after stack of bad books sell like hot cakes.

    You have seen the most ordinary of novels being adapted into movies. You have also seen the best writers around you never getting their due.

    You have seen godawful content being passed off as stories and going insanely viral online. You have also seen well-crafted stories with smartly developed characters and a real plot for a change, getting restricted to a handful of readers on platforms like The Anonymous Writer.

    Let's change all that.

    Join us.

    (In case of any query, please mail us at [email protected])

    Please fill the form below (before 10 June) to official enter the Writer Search. All the best!

  • Please tell us in less than 100 words why you want to join The Anonymous Writer
  • Please tell us a story in 750 words or less