May 2017

I Wish

‘I wish I could travel alone,’ I always used to think.   “You are too young,” they would say. I used to visit my uncle and grandparents during my summer


To the mound of clay growing into a perfect human sculpture in my womb,   The doctor told me today that I have the power of moulding you in whichever

Dear distance

Dear distance,   There is so much that you’ve taught me, through the years.   You’ve made me fall in love with people, when I wanted to reach out to

Who Am I ?

We change every moment. I am not the person I was a minute ago. Perceptions change, thoughts change, and even superstitions change.   I no longer love the songs, movies,

Thank You

Going through the albums, Rhea saw herself growing up with every turn of the pages of the album. She couldn’t help but compare her current self with her childhood self.

Letter to my ex

Dear ex,   I still remember the day we first met. A mutual friend had introduced us and we connected instantly. Do you always take your dates to your bedroom

An open letter to the girl who will love my guy next

Hey,   I don’t think you know me. Or maybe you do if he ever brings me up in his conversations with you. If you know me, you must think