July 2016

Raining Sunshine

I had sent my poems to seven different publications and none of them wanted to give me a chance. I felt all my effort going down the drain, much like

From Jerusalem to Kashmir- Treading along the path of the Saviour

Rozabal, Khanyaar district, Kashmir-2015   Even as the nail biting chill of January forces everyone to stay amidst the vicinity of Kangri and Kahwa, pilgrims continue to flow in to

Are You Lost There?

You look so beautiful when you are lost. You walk on the road with your hands in your pocket, no set of earphones distracting you, no smartphone making you smarter,

Of Empty Streets

Far from this bustle, there lies a little town with life, seemingly gone and forbidden. Faint voices, one can hear through the broken walls and the rusty windows. They speak

My Love Story

No. It’s impossible.   A romantic story just isn’t possible for me. I shut my laptop a little harder than my faithful friend deserved. No matter how many silly love

Sour Grapes and a Love Story

“What is your favorite fruit?” someone asked her. “Sour grapes,” she replied.   Hers was an unusual story. Harini worked for an NGO in Chennai that was involved in educating

*यादों का सफ़र*

  “मेट्रो या ऑटो?” “ऑटो।” “वैसे मेट्रो में भी जा सकते हैं, अभी रात के 11 ही बजे हैं। भीड़ भी नहीं होगी और एअरपोर्ट एक्सप्रेस वे से 30 मिनट


When Sahina boarded the local train, the commuters stepped aside. It was nine-thirty in the evening. A sudden heavy downpour had delayed all the trains, bottlenecking the suburban railway stations

An Ode to Parting

There was a monsoon the last time I left home, the treacherous gale swayed branches and rivers lapped onto the topmost step where a lone bum once slept under the

The Unreturned Favours

“It’s going to get over soon, Rachana. Hurry! Watch your son addressing these foreign students.” Rajiv had an air of satiated excitement in his words as he forcefully tried to

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