June 2016

The Road to Home

Pari watched him in awe as he was sawing wood and measuring the planks with a scale. He had to make sure that her princess would fit inside. Every day,


People dream of going places, And claim of being driven by wanderlust. But unbeknownst to them, I have travelled more than most. I have seen places That no one has

Possible Impossibilities

And my love starts feeling like foreign language to you; Which you like listening to But, don’t understand. From being your favourite music tune to the CD that lies on


From the first shy introduction to the late night talks, I miss them all.


We are all broken.   We all have that secret side which is weak, scared, bruised and imprisoned. We all know that, no matter how hard we try to pretend

The Finale

I didn’t know what was worse, being stuck because of the rains or being stuck in the worst imaginable place! As I sat in my car looking out at the

Wish Versus Memory

Summer evenings have always been the best thing about our tiny hometown. Do you remember the evening that made us fall in love?   Do you remember the tree and

Usual Order, Please

They lived in House number 6, in Marble avenue since 2011. Shyam and Muskaan had just celebrated their 40th anniversary five months ago. He had decided to spend their anniversary

Queens Don’t Cry

Marren walked out on to the stage, nervous as heck. The heat emitted from the spotlight did nothing but aggravate her anxiety. It was vicious, rushing through her veins at

First Hug

In this moment here, As she breaks herself into my arms I hold her closer to my heart. I have no letters or words To tell her what I feel.

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