May 2016

Who to Blame?

She hadn’t been taking his calls which agitated him off limits. He had been asking everybody about her but to no avail. After hours of search, he finally found her.

Mad Mad World

How to survive in this stigma of ill fate? When your intimates cause you unprecedented tribulation By reaffirming that you’re not worth their confabulation Through their deliberate silence.   “I

The One With The Counting

Do you remember, The time we spent together During power cuts in childhood With suppressed giggles Under moonlit nights You with your bare, hairless chest And a pair of pyjamas

Arms of Her Dreams

She walked across the beach slowly, barefeet, with the wet sand oozing in between her toes. It was drizzling and it drove most of the people to shelter. But she

Of Shakespeare and Fingers

His fingers looked like they could weave stardust out of empty space. They were the first thing she noticed about him from the other end of the quaint little bookshop,


March 04, 2015:   As the first rays of the sun shone down the window-glass, I hastily sat up in my chair, wondering why I had fallen asleep at the

As Well As I Know You

And then comes the night, Again. After a day too long, Of promises over phone calls And apologies over Text messages. Another day when I didn’t see you, After ten

Letters at Day’s End #2

Maitrey, there is a sadness that stops by every night and asks me of you, of your sudden white smile and your sweaty groin that I’ve never smelled like pages

Just You

You don’t have to put that makeup on; I like you better without it, for your lips shimmer when they utter my name and eyes gleam as they blink successively.

Dark Games

In a dark room of shadows, There is so much to see So much to hide and so much to seek If you just see, it is void and black

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