April 2016


I’ve come down to that level of boredom and emptiness that I’ve decided to write about the same thing again, which, ironically, is the lack of ideas.   I can

Broken Promises

The odour Of your departure, Lingers in the air, Your broken promises, Float in front Of my eyes, I reach out, And curl my fist Around a few of them,

The Perfect Love Story

The Husband’s Diary:   September 2012:   Hello Diary,   I need you, today. I am desperate, I guess.   Like always, I took the eastern subway after work. The

A Place to Call Home

The world is beautiful, isn’t it?   Curled up into a ball painted with blotches of blue and green. Regarded as ‘black and white’ by many, while people like me

Distance and Lovers

In this moment, you and I are cities, vessels of longing and fuming passions. In this moment, I am counting the minutes to your next phone call, the hours to

Bedtime Story

“Ma, why don’t you tell me a horror story today?” little Aria asked me.   “Who put that into your head? Don’t you want to know what happened to the


I look out the window, press my nose against the cold window pane. The repulsion seems to break the numbness, if only for a second. The sky has broken and

Before You Wish

I have heard way too many guys say that “I hope a hot girl rapes me.” And it makes me so sad that I can’t breathe for a minute after

The Other Side of the World

I wake up to the honk of a noisy truck and the loud rumble of obsolete machinery. The sky has a single ash-grey thing for as long as I remember.

Death Notes

i.   Today, the earth shook beneath our feet and I remembered a crazy traveller who once told me earthquakes and heartbreaks transpired with tectonic plates moving inside in deformed

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