March 2016

True Love And Happy Endings

I never believed in true love. I always believed that true love was a literary production of writers to give ordinary people a reason to hope and live for. I

Of Tombstones and Epitaphs

What would you like to be written on your tombstone?   A few days ago, my friend asked this question to a group of brilliant writers and word wizards. Some


As she crossed the busy market on Hong Kong lane, an ambulance struggled its way through the crazy traffic, even though its sirens blared. Kripa and Easwar often talked about

Forsaken Prince

I wiped off my stained hands on the trousers and stood before the gaping hole marred with charcoal, crossing my hands. The street looked abandoned; even the chirpy women in

When Nightmare Breaks Loose

September 20th, 2006 12:35 Home   I have found a job. I am so happy, I can’t express it in words. To be honest, the salary isn’t much, but it’ll

The Exorcism Of Fawad Hashmi

“Slowly Fawad, You’re scaring me,” implored Mehar, holding on tightly to her seat. “Chill, babes. The intoxication of speed, of uncertainty, of fathoming into the unknown, is irrepressible,” replied Fawad.

Postcards From Poverty

Hello. My name is Kishan. I live in Rajendra Prasad Chawl, Dharavi. If you need to reach me, just ask where Kishan lives. You don’t need a house number. Everyone


Madhu did not grow up with a strong sense of attachment to her grandmother. Truth be told, the old, now fragile, woman was not her own grandmother but her mother’s

I Knew, Did You?

I knew I would love you before I knew you: you, with your tired brown eyes and your nondescript mouth; you, with all your meek kindness and invisibility; you, with


Stay, they told me Every relation goes through bad times You can’t just give up And leave, they said. Stay, they told me. As my body was the canvas Of