March 2016

Dark Shadows

When the dust settles, and the rains shower down, Come to me with your eyelids down. When the heat dies and the fire expels, Walk to me with those faint

Bulbul, Without You Our Garden Will Be Empty.

Whenever a loved one leaves, their memory eats at away at your heart. The air around you becomes so dense that their memories choke you. In the silence you hear

That Wretched Smile

Have you ever seen a smile that breaks your heart into a billion pieces? A smile that reminds you, time and again about the loss you suffered?   His was

Our Song

I plug in my earphones and play the music on shuffle. Unfortunately, it is, yet again, our favourite track – his and mine. I need a fresh playlist, I make

The Hanging Droplet

The grass is cold with the winter dew and the droplets are ‘dangerously’ hanging on the irregularities of the grass. They are engulfed in a battle between gravity and the

The Art of Dreaming

*The Art Of Dreaming*   Perhaps, the only regret I have in life is learning the art of dreaming. I remember when I was in shoes of a five-year-old innocent


As he ran deeper into the forest with his daughter in his arms, the whole day seemed like a blur in his head. All he could think of was the

The Penitence

Imran Saad was very tired as he walked into his federal colonial mansion. To cross the monumental hallway and find his recliner by the enormous fireplace, took him a herculean

The Revelation

Many know me as a writer, a poet, a story teller, a master of murder mysteries, but no one has any idea who exactly I am. You have seen me

A Bygone Life?

The strains of the flute permeated the air, the fragrance of incense sticks wafted into her nostrils; she closed her eyes and drifted…   Images of decorated mud homes, cowdung