March 2016

Dear Jenny

There are tokens inside your pocket and a payphone at the end of the street. But you won’t really take the few steps to make that call to your father

Just There

I had never met him before I told him that I loved him, had never heard his voice, but I had imagined how he would sound whispering “I love you

Lost in The Echoes

I dared to look below me. Just beyond the jutting edge, waves dashed against the cliff. One wrong step, and straight into oblivion. However, none of my nerves appeared to

The Letters

The old man sat at his desk. He sipped his ginger tea and stared out of the window. It was a bright and sunny afternoon but he seemed to be

The Birth of Silence

This is about a time when Silence did not exist. Humans did not know that they could stop talking, and chaos was the norm. If a person stayed silent for

Broken Nib

And so she wrote, With smudged kohl, And reds licked off her lips; She wrote. As the alcohol gushed Through her veins Making the starless sky A dreamier canvas, The

The Wrong Guy

Amusement dancing in her warm brown eyes, she watched as he finished the remains of the lemon tart that she had so skillfully baked. He glanced up to catch her

Drowning Lessons

Before there were lighthouses and before the world understood its own morbidity, the sea was a beautiful place. The wreckage of our past littered the shores. Masts taller than the

Letter to the Virtual Lover

Dear you,   If I sit down and contemplate, I’d find pieces of you, sprinkled all over my days; and nights come with the mosaic that it had already painted

Of Childhood Ventures and Adventures

I was on my way to college that day, when I saw a couple of kids sitting on the pavement outside the railway station. They had a crumpled newspaper spread

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