February 2016

Letter to my Future Husband

Dear future husband,   I’ve been trying to write to you for quite some time now, but couldn’t put anything on paper except for those meaningless doodles.   Well, that’s

The Serial Killer

Waking up from sleep, struggling in the congested bus for a lonesome seat, swiping the smart card and walking to a little cubicle with a workstation that stares at one

She Stuns

She was elevated to the grandest of the thrones and the pious royal would sin for her forgiveness. Her skin, like radium, masked the scented shade of elegance. She was

Answers And Redemption

“Maa, I wanted the Hawk bicycle, not the stupid one you were going to get me. Can’t I have one wish fulfilled on my birthday? I know you don’t love

A Sister’s Love

Hey bhai,   You’re probably wondering why I am writing you a letter, when we never talk about our feelings to each other.   It’s only been three days since

Horizon Hues

She stood next to him, leaning on the parapet wall, overlooking the deep blue waters.   Both of them kept their blank gazes focused on the slithering silhouettes of the

Happy Vs Safe

My parents have always stressed upon three things- eat well and at good places (don’t cheap out in this regard); stay healthy and take precaution or medicines, as may be

Share, Will You?

We stopped by a shop. She looked at the display items, and then at me.   Her hopeful eyes glittered, and lips smiled slyly. I would have given everything to

The Absurdities of Humanness

Even after all these tumultuous years on the planet, what never fails to amaze me is how we humans hopscotch our way through life, one tumble at a time, all

Candlelight Poetry

The light is out tonight. The wind brought down the electric poles and put half the city to sleep. The other half, the horny, depressed and in love find shelter

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