September 2015

Issac’s Riddle- Where Lies your Belief?

Issac loved to create. A story, a painting, a mosaic, a shoe, anything at all! Little did he know his mad creations would lead to this day. Every inventor went

The Way I See You

Nan bent over yet another flower and looked at it wistfully. Her fragile form reminded me of autumn. Her age, somehow, made her look even more beautiful than she had

Broken Memoirs – Part One

It has been a long day Maitrey, facing the callous world, gasping for anxious breath, fighting its clauses like silent rebels in uniforms of mediocrity.   My rickshaw ride back


The tides of time have washed me away. I sail beyond, to the unknown. Will there be new shores beyond these horizons? The wretched past stretches behind me; A panorama

Conversations with the Moon

My days are passing by, each day sprouting out like that tender leaf of light green hue on that large peepul tree at which I gape from the bus window.

Hungry War

The war is done. The battlefield is a beauty. What repulses, saddens Is not the grotesque bodies, Nor the severed limbs, Nor the sad sea and sky, Nor the wailing

The New Beginning Jitters- Part Two

(Read Part 1 here)   ***   He checked the number of suitcases one more time. Checked the locks, all good. He glanced at the room, taking it in; the

The Colour Brown

She loved the colour brown. She did not understand why people normally didn’t like it. They said it was the colour of mud. But mud is beautiful, she’d say, we

Words Amour

It all started when my mother presented me with a new set of pencils, and told me that learning to form words with them will change my life. As the

The New Beginning Jitters- Part One

The soft tinkling of her anklets accompanied her as she took her steps on the petal-laid path towards her future.   Wondering. Wondering if the path would continue to be the