September 2015

Falling in Love With Her

I fell in love with her when I saw the way she could make her mother laugh the most musical laugh with her first baby steps in the old mossy

What Love Is

I don’t know what love is. I guess it is the willingness to spend every hard-earned penny for a glimpse of happiness on the faces of the people you love.


She sat there, in the dusty corner of the bookstore, alone and unwanted.   ‘I don’t belong here,’ she thought, ‘Isn’t there anyone who wants to know what I hold

Asking For It

She looks so delicious in those shorts and the crop top, her milky white skin glistening in the moonlight like that of an angel. Every inch of her exposed skin

Kissing Her

The first time we kissed, it was as if I was in the little world that dwelt around her lips. A world meant for us, that smelt of her delicate

Ageless Hobbies

“Where are the camphor tablets kept?” she whispered.   He gave her a quizzical look and shrugged. She gave him a deadly glare, as deadly as could be in a

Don’t Fall in Love with Me

Do not fall in love with me. I’m not the girl you can ever live happily ever after with. I’m only good for a night. I’m the kind of girl

Behind the Locked Door

It was the last house on the block. Beyond it there was nothing but eerie darkness. The backyard melded with the woods which then spread over acres, covering the hills


Something. Not quite sure, though. But that tilt of his head. The blots of black hair dye Between patches of grey hair. He always dyed His hair in a hurry


Well, I am one of those cynics who don’t believe in the concept of celebrating one’s birthday. I see the ritual as pointless and extravagant. Far-off relatives would get a