August 2015

An Observation in Urban Waste

They are ghosts that throng the streets and under the bridges. They are the nameless bodies that constitute a part of everywhere and yet one barely recalls their existence.  

The Girl Who Gave Up

I was reading a book. A collection of short stories to be precise, and the fact that all the stories in that book had a happy ending was bothering me

The Other Side of the Story

I gaze fixedly at the train moving in front of me as its speed makes the strands of my hair move wildly across my face. In about two minutes, it’s

I Am a Prostitute, Officer!

“Somebody either light me a cigarette or get the goddamn cop who brought me in. I am not getting a lawyer anyway.”   “Is the coffee too dull, your highness?

To My Son With Love

The ticker is ticking, and so are you, And let me now reveal, I’ll be true, When it strikes the right chord, you’ll be gone, Tearing me apart, as the


“No, please!” I cry out as they shove me aside like a rag doll and turn my backpack upside down, littering the road with my books. “Who the hell do

Of love that lasted a lifetime and beyond

My grandparents have had a lasting impression in my life. My entire childhood was spent in their loving hugs,their compelling stories during the afternoon siestas and their reassuring smiles while

The Brightest Smiles Ever Seen

A thin blue line, Is all it took To make her dreams collapse to the floor, Along with her heaving body Sliding down against the bathroom door.   All she


The school I studied in had a lawyer as a chairman, and his son, serving as the Vice President, was a lawyer too. I came across this fact not as

The Man on the Wheels

I have observed the world moving at a faster pace. I have observed people; they are always in a rush. They see me daily. I am always on the wheels.