July 2015

The Lost Son

His name was Karna. Karna, the abandoned. The bearer of wrongs, the silent prince. Majestic in his dreadful form, like the flight of the falcon. His despair was complete. His

Diary of a Monster

In the madness midst the universe, if I don’t succumb to the desires, then I am a human.   Take me to a church or the gallows; whatever pleases your


As his last days creep slowly, yet surely closer, Mr. Smith contemplates conflict. What is conflict? He asks himself. A few moments of pondering bring him the conclusion. Conflict is

दो दिन का अमेरिका

दो दिन की लगातार बारिश ने गर्मी से तपते इंसान को आनंद की अनुभूति तो करायी ही साथ ही बिजली विभाग वाले भी लोकोपकारी प्रतीत हुए, भले ही कारण रहा

She’s Human

‘She’s human!’ As we sat awaiting a train, In a hazy cross-walk, She made her way. Inebriated was she? I could not tell. Draped in a saree, Tucked up at

How Do You Define Addiction?

You may begin, “Well, that’s like having a cigarette and just when I’m about to finish it, I have the urge of taking another one.”   It’s alright. But you

Is He Letching At You?

The girl walked sensuously on the road, swaying her hips a little too explicitly for the modesty of the passersby. She 6+wore a skin-hugging top that flaunted her curvaceous body


As I entered the narrow unevolved streets of old Delhi, the butterflies in my stomach transformed into gigantic monsters. The sooty air made it hard for me to breathe. I

From The Diary of a Convict

They handcuffed me and shoved me into the back of the police van. The newspapers would be flashing my name by tomorrow; a few news channels would provide a two

The Obsession

“ This is all starting to really bother me now. Do you even hear yourself? You are obsessed with this visualization thing of yours. You need to stop Jiya!”